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Without understanding of the founding principles, one cannot know how to be a responsible citizen. But now that you have learned these principles, you understand the reasons for the protections that the constitution provides us, to be able to distinguish when we are following it, and the importance of doing so.

Now you need to become active, because you are one of the very few armed with the knowledge needed to save our country as we know it. Our CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, released a projection of our income and spending at the end of 2012 as shown in this video projecting that 100% of the Federal Income will be required to pay for interest on the National Debt. This means we are headed for fiscal collapse. We, who understand the founding principles, know what needs to be done – we need to revert to the original intent of the Constitution.

The reason is that only the Federal Government can print money, so it can get away with overspending. States cannot do this – they have to sell bonds to make up for their deficits, and since they cannot print money, they cannot control the interest rate. The Federal Reserve has been “buying” large portions of our debt which has the effect of keeping interest rates artificially low. Part of the reason they are able to get away with this when we have a large trade deficit, is that the US dollar is the world’s standard currency. This means that we do not have to compete in the world monetary market by value of products traded like all other countries must. If the US dollar loses its status as the standard currency, we can expect the interest rate to rise, a lot. This will be devastating to our country.

Right now we are taking ourselves out of global competition because we have the world’s highest corporate tax rate, and we are increasing regulations on business at an unprecedented rate. Businesses are moving out of our country. We are not developing our natural resources which could create many thousands of jobs and reduce our trade deficit. We have scared ourselves from developing nuclear energy – the only non-carbon based source we have that will can make a dent on fulfilling our energy needs.

To turn our fiscal situation around, we need to grow economically – we need entrepreneurs to know that the US is the best place to do business. This means lower tax rates and ridding ourselves of over burdensome regulations.

From a structural standpoint, we need to move the unconstitutional (from the framer’s standpoint) programs such as welfare, social security, medical insurance, food stamps, etc. from the federal government to the states. This would have to be done carefully and gradually to minimize harm. To do nothing will eventually mean total devastation. Such action would not only solve the fiscal problem in the long run, but it would mean that we would have 50 entities trying new and different concepts. We would now have a marketplace of ideas, which is the formula for constant improvement, compared with the present monopoly that bloats instead of improve.

We, of all people on earth, have the framework to dig ourselves out of the hole we are in. It is up to us to do it!

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