Mike is a retired (2011) engineer/businessman. He grew up in Eastern Oregon on a farm and became an Electrical Engineer‚ husband and father after college at Oregon State University. After a number of years working for companies in the space industry (Apollo)‚ medical equipment (testing for heart disease) and heavy equipment electronics‚ he started Vehicle Monitor Corporation in 1988. This was his vocation until 2011 when he sold his interest to his employees. Here are his curriculum vitae.

Career high lights include:

  • A significant contribution to the design of the Control System Module of the Apollo Command Module.
  • Designed electronics and mechanical features for the best guidance control accelerometer in existence that is unchanged since 1977.  It is  used as a critical sensor for guidance control systems in aircraft, missiles, ships and for guided downhole oil well drilling.
  • Mike joined Quinton Instruments as VP Engineering to add state-of-art ECG Monitoring equipment to execute a business plan to become #1 cardiology stress test equipment, supplier. The venture succeeded in six years, with this product being a centerpiece of the effort.
  • He launched Vehicle Monitor Corporation in 1988. VMC won government contracts to conduct Anti-lock brake and stability tests for trucks and trailers. They developed instrumentation for heavy equipment, became the primary on-line test equipment supplier for Caterpillar, Paccar, Bombardier, and others.
  • Mike developed a concept for a system to verify driver drowsiness based in the steering wheel which he is currently working on.

Mike, being an engineer, always had a passion to understand ”why things are the way they are” and much of his life seeking answers to many questions. His bucket list includes documenting some findings that are not widely understood, but nevertheless important and creating a blog forum to discuss and promulgate the ideas. In addition, he has prepared some instructive materials and taught adult education classes and occasionally gives speeches at Rotary Clubs.

Mike Van Schoiack‚ July 3, 2012.

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